This site is about a previous instance of this event. For the current event, please see the updated site.

Whether you're a user or a developer of PostgreSQL we'd like to hear your story. You can talk about your open source project, your success with PostgreSQL in the enterprise, your favourite extension or any other related topic.

Submissions are now closed

Suggested Topics

Successful operation and/or interesting failures Writing extensions such as Foreign Data Wrappers etc
PostgreSQL internals hacking Performance tuning
PostgreSQL in your business Clustering and High Availability
Application development with PostgreSQL Case studies or War stories
Migrations to PostgreSQL Devops best practices

Presentations are 45 minutes long after which there will be time for questions. The conference is single-track so the attention from the crowd will be all yours. Since we are targeting an international audience all presentations must be held in english. Speakers need to register but of course get free entry (and free food).

We are no longer accepting submissions. This is a good time to review your speaker profile if you haven't already done so. When the site prompts for a login, use your regular community account.

The deadline for submitting a proposal was 2015-01-11 and all authors will be contacted by 2015-01-19

Program Committee


Magnus Hagander Redpill Linpro


Daniel Gustafsson Schibsted Classified Media


Heikki Linnakangas VMWare